Large Companies

Many larger organisations have extensive internal systems that cover everything from payroll to development. It is usually a very time consuming, difficult and expensive process to add particular elements to your system. Especially if you have a number of legacy systems in place. In some instances, large organisations have purchased bolt-on elements to compliment their current offering, however they have yet to realise their investment. This can be due to a number of reasons including the steep learning curve of the platform, the difficulty in getting employees to interact with the new technology or simply not having the time or resources to develop sufficient content. Whatever the reason, they often don't get used.

So how can we help?

There are a number of areas where we can help larger organisations, even if you have a fully functioning HRMS of your own. We would love to hear from you to determine if we can offer a specific solution to meet your requirements.

Adding an LMS

Should you be considering adding a learning management system or replacing the one you currently have , you can capitalise on our readymade platform instantly. It can be run either as a separate system, or we can add a bridging element to connect our platform to your current legacy system. You simply highlight the specific data you require, and we do the rest.


Our platform will most likely give you significant cost reductions, even when you host your own content. You can access a unique Marketplace function to easily find effective e-learning courses for your people.


There are likely to be some issues when connecting to your current legacy system as your current provider will likely be unhappy that you are not taking their LMS module. In some instances, your current provider may charge you a hefty fee to do so. It is worth checking the status with your current provider before you start to consider other options, however do remember that you are the customer!

Unique opportunities

Perhaps you have a large number of SME customers and would like to help them to become more efficient and productive? Please contact us, we would love to hear your ideas.


A large global insurance company wanted to find an innovative way to utilise technology to help their SME customer base to become more efficient, productive and most importantly, safer. By offering the platform free to all of their clients, and with their clients consent, they could collect simple safety training data which helped them identify areas where they could reduce their exposure. As a consequence, they were able to become more competitive by reducing their clients annual premiums.

If you have any ideas as to how HRMSHub can be used within your organisation or if you have any suggestions for alternate uses for the platform we would love to hear them.