Small & Medium Enterprises

We understand that starting and maintaining a small or medium size business takes a great deal of time, money, effort and courage. One of the biggest challenges you can face as a small to medium sized business owner, is to help develop and manage your workforce. Traditional software to help you do this can be expensive, difficult to use and often doesn't get used in the way you hoped. We at HRMSHub are proud to have developed a platform which has been specifically designed to help SME's manage common administration tasks, helps you to develop your people, is customisable, easy to use, has a very gentle learning curve and increasingly importantly for budget conscious SME's, it is FREE!

Many have tried to automate some of their internal processes to help make better use of their time and resources, however in a lot of instances, business software can come with a hefty price tag and (particularly if additional hardware is needed), can be difficult to get running, let alone save time or resources. HRMSHub is free and due to our competitive Marketplace, should you wish to purchase any online courses, you will find it highly competitive. As it is a cloud based platform, HRMSHub can be up and running within minutes and doesn't require you to purchase any additional equipment. All you need is access to the internet.

Then there is the age old conundrum of staff training and development. We all know how important this is, but many businesses simply don't have the time or resources to create a truly structured development programme. Yet small to medium size enterprises are usually run by very experienced and highly motivated people who have a great deal to offer their people. We have created this platform to help you ensure that your people have the opportunity to grow and develop in the way that you know works best for your industry, and by combining your expertise with structured e-learning courses in an effective role based programme, you can give your people the career development they deserve.

With no investment in additional hardware or lengthy and expensive software development, you can have instant access to a fully functional and customizable Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and integrated Learning Management System (LMS), that will be able to meet a host of requirements for organizations from 2 to 200,000 employees. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to use this platform to help fulfil your organisations HR and training needs.

Is it really free?

Yes, using the platform is free. You can access the annual leave module to automate the leave application process, the expenses module to make claiming expenses simple, the communication module to simplify internal communications and even use all of the the powerful features in the role based performance and appraisal module.

In the same way that iTunes (a very powerful music management software application) is offered free, we offer HRMSHub for free. When you buy products from the iTunes store, they make a percentage of what you buy. In a similar way, we only generate revenue should you purchase e-learning courses or wish to upgrade your own distribution capacity. We do not require any (upfront) payment details from you as we use PayPal for all online purchases. So in short, you can have your own Human Resources Management Platform that is customised to your specific requirements, all for free!

What's the catch? what about my data?

Your data is completely your own and if you read our terms and conditions, you will see we never sell or share any data (unless compelled to by law). We only make money when you buy additional services which include world class e-learning courses offered through our Marketplace, or if you want to purchase additional delivery capability (i.e. space in Giga Bytes, to store and deliver your own courses or content). Any purchases are completely transparent and are done via PayPal.

Why should I use a cloud based system?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) so our platform enjoys security from one of the world's largest providers. Being in the cloud, HRMSHub can be used on most devices you currently have, without having to buy expenses additional hardware such as servers or networking devices. You simply need internet access. It even works on your employee's mobile phones, so you can keep them connected wherever they are.

Will it integrate easily into my business?

When you use HRMSHub you can customise the colour scheme to match your own website, use your own logo, create your own automated certificates, select which modules you require (such as expenses management or leave claims), even indicated the level of input managers have. HRMSHub has been designed to fit your specific requirements and integrate into your own businesses offering with minimal disruption. Should you have any difficulties in setting up the system, we would be happy to help.


Sara runs her own small engineering business with 7 employees. She signed up to the platform and spent around 40 minutes customising it. Once she was happy with her modifications, she added her unique URL to her own website as a "Login" button. She then spent the next few hours assessing the requirements for each role in her company. She used our simple template to determine the following for each role.

Once she had mapped these elements out, she input the details into the role management module and allocated each employee a role. In a few hours she had a full development path for each employee and with a press of a button, could generate an instant appraisal form with both employee and management assessment criteria.

The automatic certificate reminder even gave her advanced notice of when each person's fire safety certificate was due for renewal, which she resolved easily by purchasing fire safety e-learning courses from our Marketplace.