Training/ Service providers

If you are currently providing training or if you are servicing a range of clients in a particular field, you are likely to be continually looking for ways to improve your offerings and trying to add more value to your customers. There may be occasions where customers have asked you to conduct specific training courses that may not be part of your portfolio? Previously you may have had to refuse such requests because you simply didn't have the time, the ability or it simply wasn't cost effective enough for you.

You may have considered offering your customers e-learning courses to help them become more competitive or to help them to remain compliant, only to find it too difficult, time consuming or simply just too expensive.

HRMSHub is designed to help organisations such as yours to help you offer world class (and in many cases) approved e-learning courses to your customers, to help them develop their people and to ensure compliance.

What can it do for me?

1. Training/ Service providers - delivering your own content

If you are delivering classroom training or providing specific services that require some form of product or usability training, you may have considered providing e-learning courses to supplement your current learning activities. You may want to offer post course or service follow-ups, or to help maximise any onsite learning time by creating a blended learning course (where a proportion of your content can be delivered electronically). Perhaps this is something you have planned to do for a while but have found the whole process a little too complex or expensive to integrate into your current offerings.

Whatever your requirements, we can help. Designed by a seasoned classroom trainer, HRMSHub is the perfect platform for you to offer courses directly to your customers. Fully customisable to your own brand identity, you can add your pre-made e-learning courses and content instantly through our easy to use content uploading interface. The only details you need to get from your customers are the first name and email address of the trainee and you are all set.


An easy to use, instant way to increase your capabilities. No initial outlay as you only pay £1 per user, per 1GB, per year. Although course sizes will vary, with 1GB of distribution capability it could be possible to use the platform to send about 8-10 (reasonable sized) e-learning courses or content to your clients. The system can also automatically send your own certificates after successful completion of a course quiz, and keep a full track of each individuals training records. All for £1 per person/ year.


Our course uploading tool does not help you to create the actual courses content. We accept Word or PDF documents, PowerPoint slides, audio and video files, however interactive e-learning courses are usually in a format such as HTML5 (we accept HTML5) and take a great deal of time and effort to create. This is not something that should be undertaken lightly.

2. Training/ Service providers - delivering third party content

It is easy to offer your current clients a wide range of pre-made e-learning courses, simply by purchasing the number of course credits you require from our Marketplace and then delivering them to your clients on your own HRMSHub platform. Prices per course credit usually range from £2-£20 (however may vary considerably depending on the course) .You can then sell the courses to your customers individually or as part of a package that may include your own service fees etc. Simply collect the names and email addresses of those who wish to receive the training, add them to your system and you are good to go. You have the flexibility to buy single course credits as and when you require them.

3. Training/ Service providers - Additional revenue stream

Should you have the rights to any e-learning courses, have developed a standard course that you want to offer to more than just your clients (as described above), or if you can develop an insightful course that fulfils a specific need, you may consider placing them in our Marketplace.

Any SME administrator or Training/ Service provider with access to HRMSHub can search our Marketplace function to find courses they can purchase immediately and then send them to either their employees, or to their clients respectively.

When you are uploading your content, you set the price that you feel will be the most acceptable or attractive. Note: We do not advise on pricing as there are a number of factors that should determine how a course is priced.

Every time a course is purchased, you as the developer will receive 70% of the purchase price, the remainder is used to pay for transactional fees and our service fees. To reduce the transactional costs, all monies generated will be paid at the end of each respective month. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.


It is easy to get started and completely free to register and upload courses.


Developing e-learning content is not a simple process and you may need to purchase additional software such as "articulate" or "captivate". We reserve the right to accept content from only those with expertise in that area or from professional trainers or developers. We do not judge a courses usefulness or design etc.

4. Training/ Service providers - Mix and match.

Once registered, you can do as much or as little as you like. Utilise any of the options available until you work out what works best for you and your requirements. Note: Marketplace Content Development requires a separate login so there is nothing stopping you from doing both.

Scenario 1: Using as an additional delivery tool.

Brendan owns a small training business and has had many requests for sales training courses that he cannot service, either through geographical restrictions or limited class sizes. A number of attendees have also missed some or all of his training session. Brendan decided to record his most recent classroom course. He recorded it on a standard DV camera then edited it so that it was only 1 hour long. He used a good "codec" and video compression software, to make sure the video was well under 1GB. He uploaded it to his HRMSHub account by using the simple content uploading interface and offered this content to anyone who had missed his course, those who were too far or remote to attend and to those who wanted a refresher course. Whenever he needed to use the video course, he simply added the person to his account and sent them the video. As it cost him only £1 per person in this case, he decided to offer this service to his clients as a value-add only, and absorbed the cost himself.

Scenario 2: Using Marketplace courses to add to your portfolio

David is a sales trainer and delivers onsite sales training to his customers. He has no interest in creating e-learning courses or sharing any of his content electronically. Lately his customers have asked him if he can provide additional training in areas such as Public Speaking and Team Development. Although David does not have this material himself, he can simply register on HRMSHub and once customised to his own corporate identity, he can search the e-learning courses available through the Marketplace and then offer them to his customer as part of a package. By selecting only the courses he himself finds useful, he can instantly increase his training capability and offer his client a wider range of options.

Scenario 3: Offering courses for sale on

Hannah is an independent safety consultant who is continually onsite, offering safety advice and suggestions to help her clients remain compliant. She does not conduct safety courses herself but has structured a number of basic e-learning courses to help the companies that she works with educate their people and contractors on basic site safety. As she doesn't have time to offer this as a full service she can elect to simply include them for sale on the Marketplace. Here, companies registered on HRMSHub looking for such courses, can buy them directly. If they are not registered with HRMSHub, they can do so for free, then buy whatever they wish. Other training providers can also buy Hannah's courses and either integrate them as part of their own offering, or provide them to their clients at a cost equal to or more than their Marketplace value. Either way Hannah gets paid.

Scenario: 4: Using HRMSHub as an additional revenue stream

Paul owns a family run, fire extinguisher supplier and servicing business with around 2000 customers. For the last 20 years, Paul has been very successful delivering classroom and practical training courses to the majority of his customers. However the vast majority of his business is in providing consultations and regular services to his clients. Lately Paul has had around 600 requests from his customers, asking him to provide some fast and cost efficient fire safety training, to help them become compliant with the fire safety regulations. Due to time constraints, Paul usually declines these requests.

Paul signed up to HRMSHub, created his account and replicated his corporate colour scheme then added his own logo. Once he created a login button on his own webpage, he simply added his unique URL to it and he was ready to go. We would have helped, but he knew what he was doing.

The first time he was asked about delivering standardised fire safety training, he asked his customer if they would be happy to use e-learning? And of course they were. They agreed on a price for training 10 employees and the customer sent an email to all 10, letting them know that a registration request would arrive in their inbox soon. Paul simply took the 10 names and email addresses and put them into his HRMSHub system. He smartly put them into a group and gave them the same group name as their company, so in the future it would be simple to find their training records.

Once everything was set, he purchased 10 pre-made courses through the platform Marketplace and paid via PayPal. He then sent the courses immediately along with his invoice.

The system kept a track of all the employee details including if they passed the course test or not. So Paul was able to send regular updates to his customers, by using the one click export function.

Eventually the courses were all completed and the customer was delighted that they were compliant with minimal effort and disruption on their side.

With only around 1 hours work, Paul was now in a position to send e-learning courses to anyone in minutes. It's a shame that Paul didn't create a job "role" for them as well, as that will send an automatic reminder when their certificates need renewing. Don't worry Paul, we will be happy to explain to you how to do this!

Now Paul buys a few hundred courses a year and is able to send regular updates to all those he has in his HRMSHub platform (with permission of course). He is now thinking of developing his own content. Best of luck Paul and please do let us know if we can help further.

Scenario 5: Using HRMSHub to become an outsourced Training and Development Partner

Divya is an experienced HR professional and wants to offer her clients a fully outsourced Training and Development service. After exploring with her client the specific requirements for each role in the organisation, she used the "role" creation tool to help track what training or developmental activities are required and when (based on each role requirements). The system also helped her to keep track of critical certificate renewals and training gaps for individuals, again based on their specific role. She created a number of simple courses and uploaded them to the system to help her clients with their on-boarding process, and by accessing the Marketplace; she could purchase specific e-learning courses to help bridge any such gaps, including accessing fire safety courses to ensure her client's people we up to date with their required training. By utilising the Classroom Session creation tool, she was able to easily manage and track classroom attendance and communicate with the third party classroom Trainer. The system even generates a role based appraisal form (with the role based criteria stated), and even includes the opportunity for self assessment from the employee and input from their direct Manager. So with the tools available through HRMSHub, Divya was able to work with a number of clients and provide each with a terrific service.

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